Catering & Hospitality

Catering - Meal Preparation and Food Delivery

Among our businesses and activities, we do offshore catering for vessels of different sizes and profiles, from maritime support vessels to platforms. Our Catering consists in preparing meals, supplying food and kitchen utensils in a varied manner, respecting the current norms and quality standards established by our Brazilian Health Authority, ANVISA.

Our menus are elaborated by a team of experienced nutritionists in the offshore market and who act directly in the coordination of the feeding units. The monitoring of all the work is made by our operational base in Rio de Janeiro, through a responsible technical nutritionist. And the supervision of the services is carried out constantly by the team of nutritional supervision composed by nutritionists and production engineers.

The meals and intermediate snacks are prepared according to the pre-established profile and demand of our Clients. We work with domestic and imported products, provide all the requirements established in each contract, considering special dishes with high quality products and variety such as noble meats, cod of the first line, filet mignon, cap off rump, shrimp, desserts, high quality ice cream, typical festivals , weekly barbecues, fortnightly birthdays, among others;

Maritime Hospitality

We carry out a complete and personalized hotel service, aiming the well-being of the passengers on the most different profiles of vessels of big, medium and small size (as an example from 6 people on board). We consider in this work: chamber services, laundry, cleaning, supply and exchange of bed and bath clothes, provision of hygiene and cleaning products, sanitation and cleaning of cabins and common areas.

Products Supply – Vending machine

We offer on board a system of selling standardized items, with or without Vending Machines. For example, we have the following line: toiletries, sweets, snaks, among other products, for direct sale and reasonable prices, according to the requirements of our customers in a customized way;

Healthy Eating Program

Our Food and Nutrition Reeducation program is conducted in all of our service units. Seeking to offer, through our maritime experience, quality of life to our clients, conducting nutritional reeducation programs, lectures, awareness training and when necessary we provide individualized nutritional assistance with elaboration of a personalized diet to meet the needs of our dear and esteemed seafarers.